Really cool, really well made things for you and your pup!

Does anyone remember the song, "Bunny with the Jelly Bean Shoes?" We used to sing it waaaaay back when at Ezra Baker, with Mrs. Mitchell at the piano. Anyone? Every Easter season I just can't get that song out of my head when I start seeing jelly beans in the stores. 

Jelly beans in the stores means our "we've had so many we can't remember" Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs is coming up! 

We have something fun going on this year: now though Saturday, March 26th we are giving away a key with every purchase. Hang on to that key, one key will be a lucky winner!

Bring your key, Easter basket and your pup on Saturday March 26th at 11am to the Village Green in the Commons for the Easter Egg Hunt. We ordered TWO THOUSAND plastic eggs that will be filled with dog treats and scattered through out the Village Green. Load your basket up and then come down to Hot Diggity to see if your key opens the locked box.

"What's inside the box" you wonder? Well, it's not a bunny with jelly bean shoes, though I think some dogs might find that to be the ultimate treat! The locked box is stuffed with gift cards to Hot Diggity and Mashpee Commons, dog treats, toys and other goodies AND a $50 bill. That's right! Fifty bucks cash! The whole box is worth over $150!!!! What's the catch? NONE!!! Just don't forget your key, because you'll only have one shot to open it, and that's after the Hot Diggity Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs.

Purchases at BOTH Hot Diggity in Mashpee Commons and Hot Diggity Dog Wash in Dennis Port get you a key, so head on down to either location now through March 26th (March 25th in Dennis Port) and maybe you will be the lucky winner!


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