Really cool, really well made things for you and your pup!


This is Trix from Brewster thriving on the raw diet from Hot Diggity!

 The BIGGEST bummer about not being in the stores is I miss out on seeing all my favorite four-legged friends. The next best thing to seeing them in person is to at least see some of them in action. What have your pups been up to? I miss them!

We think it's time to add some new faces to our Mug Shot page on our website, can you help us out with that?

Send us a picture of your dog wearing something from The Digs, playing with a fun toy from The Digs or about to indulge in a tasty treat from The Digs and we'll add it to our Mug Shots!

For the effort, we'll randomly pick a dog at the end of May to win a $25 Hot Diggity gift card. Sound good? Great! Now get snappin'!

Oh! Be sure to add your dog's name and town to your email: we want to be sure everyone knows that's your little munchkin up there!


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