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The Bone Bandits
Every Christmas season, for the past eight, Ashley and I try to figure out how many years she has been a part of the Hot Diggity team. We know for sure it’s eight, because we just counted back by all the different Santas we’ve had: husbands, old boyfriends, my mom, her brother and several friends. It takes a village to get the Santa pictures done!                                                                                          
Each of these 8 years I have tried to express to Ashley how much I appreciate her and how integral she is to the success of Hot Diggity. We’re not Wall Street, so it’s not possible to show that gratitude with a bigger paycheck. I hope through words and sporadic fun bonuses here and there that I have been somewhat successful in expressing how grateful I am to not only know Ash, but to have her on the Hot Diggity team.

 I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to The Digs and there are very few people I would want to join me on this venture. Actually there is only one, and that’s Ashley. For eight years Ashley has cared for and nurtured The Digs like it was her own; on days when I’m burned out, she is brimming with ideas of new product and events and ways to continue to make us the very best. She cares about our customers, loves their dogs and knows them all by name. She is a warmhearted person who works hard and deserves great things in her life. For eight years she has treated Hot Diggity like it was her own, and now half of it is about to be.

Effective January 1, 2016, we are Hot Diggity, LLC with Nicole Merriman and Ashley Carr as its members. I am so excited to have Ashley as a business partner! We have big ideas for the future growth of Hot Diggity; never underestimate the power of 2 redheads! You will continue to see Ashley in both stores running the show and I will continue to work behind the scenes. If you would like to help me further embarrass Ashley by singing her praises and congratulating her, feel free to do so by posting below!
Here's to an amazing 2016! Happy New Year!


Hey Ashley!!

Awesome people at an awesome place! ❤️❤️?

Benny Turro
Benny Turro 3 Jan 10:53

You are the best Ashley and I ruff you a lot!

Kathy Hunt
Kathy Hunt 31 Dec 23:23

Ashley, I’ll always remember our phone conversation eight years ago when you were working at Neiman Marcus and I suggested that you should come to work for Hot Diggty.
What a lucky day that was for Nicole (me too). So happy for you!!

Sarah & Finn
Sarah & Finn 31 Dec 17:42

Woof! woof! Congratulations to Ashley and Nicole! You make an awesome team. Keep up the amazing work, ladies!

Barbara Doherty
Barbara Doherty 31 Dec 17:39

Good luck!

Teddy and Tiger
Teddy and Tiger 31 Dec 17:28

Rock on, Ashley. You deserve it. Of course, we also recognize Winnie’s continued efforts!

Erin Lavallee
Erin Lavallee 31 Dec 17:27

How exciting for you both !! Congratulations Ashley and Nicole !!

Bonnie Jacobs & Izzy
Bonnie Jacobs & Izzy 31 Dec 16:42

How exciting for you Ashley to become a partner. Izzy and I are thrilled at this new adventure in your life. You are very special and certainly deserve this. Her is to a wonderful New Year for both you and Nicole. See you soon. Love, Bonnie & Izzy

Congratulations! What a great way to go into a New Year! Best wishes for the both of you!


Congratulations Ashley !!!, we’re both so very happy & excited for you. Nicole is very lucky yo have you……, you probably only know us by sight, but we had just rescued Lucy (Basset) last year & you met her a couple of months ago in Dennisport., you also had know our other Basset ZOE & our Springer EMMITT….., wishing you lots of luck with your new venture, you’ll be fabulous !!! See you the next time we make it down to the Cape, Healthy & Happy New Year, Connie , Andy & Lucy xo’s to Winnie

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