Really cool, really well made things for you and your pup!

The lazy days of summer will soon be replaced by harried schedules, frantic mornings and car pools to soccer practice. After spending all summer frolicking with the fam, the new schedule might leave your pup confused and lonely. Help get him settled into the new school year with some gear we picked just for him! 

Treat Maze

Keep Him Busy

Keep his mind, his paws and his choppers busy with this interactive game!  Drop treats into the top of the game and let him work to get them out.  The Treat Maze wobbles, rocks and spins, moving the treats through the maze to the openings.  He’ll be happy, tired and maybe even a wee bit smarter after some time with it!

Football Collar

Show His Team Spirit

Get ready for Friday night lights with a new football color. Made right here on Cape Cod, our collars are hearty and strong enough for your little linebacker. Multiple colors are available so he can proudly show his school pride.

Sports Gear

Stay Fit

Keep him active and in the game with some new sports gear. The orbee-tuff sports balls by Planet Dog are bouncy, chewy, minty, buoyant and made in the USA!  Guaranteed to keep him fit, busy and happy!


Don’t Forget the Healthy Snacks

Keep him healthy and trim with snacks you’d feel good about feeding your family. We love the PB&J’s from Bocce’s Bakery in New York. With just 3 ingredients – organic barley flour, blueberries and peanut butter – these anti-oxidant packed biscuits are organic, wholesome, USA sourced and delicious!

Snoozer Bed

Get Plenty of Zzzzz's

If the kids are going to bed earlier, your pup probably is, too. We love the beds by Snoozer. So soft, so durable and so stylish! And let’s face it, your pup probably spends a good part of the school day napping!

We wish all of our Hot Diggity friends, family & pups a wonderful start to the new school year!

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