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It’s an epic battle: washing our dog in the bathroom tub (or worse, shower stall).  Our dog may end up on the winning end of clean, but we and our bathroom end up on the downside of dirty.

That’s exactly why we opened the Hot Diggity Dog Wash. Our self-serve stations – with elevated stainless steel tubs, a comfy 92 degree pre-set stream of water, natural shampoos and most importantly, no mess to clean – make bathing a breeze.  And of course you know how to wash a dog, but there are a few things that can make the process even more successful.  Keep these simple tips in mind next time you’re in for a soak!

Get Him Comfortable

Not every dog warms up to the tub right away and that’s perfectly fine.  You want your dog to enjoy the experience, so don’t rush it.  If he needs some time to get used to the tub, build up to it.  Come in, get him in the tub and give him an awesome rub down (no water needed) along with treats and praise.  Then GO HOME!  Repeat as necessary until he hops in the tub confidently and cheerily!  There’s no charge for these visits and our staff will happily lend a hand.

Brush First

Before you even turn on the water, spend some time with the brushes.  This gets rid of the loose hair, which otherwise could become a matted, twisted mess. Take your time and use firm but gentle strokes.  5 minutes of prep will make a big difference.

Wash Everywhere

Speed demons take note! We don’t care how small your dog is, if you’re done washing in 5 minutes, you haven’t done a thorough job! Start with a good soaking – get that nozzle everywhere from the top of his head to the tip of his tail and everywhere underneath.  Then take your time to massage those suds into his entire body. Don’t forget the tail and the paws – that’s right, get right into those pads and gently rub out the dirt that accumulates between the toes. No dog should go home with Frito feet!  

Now rinse.  And then rinse again!  And if you’re not sure, one more time!  Not getting all of the shampoo out could lead to itchy and irritated skin.

There’s an Art to the Dryer

The most important thing to understand about the dryer is that this is not your standard hair dryer.  Our professional dryers don’t blow heat. Instead they blow forced air which essentially forces the water OFF your dog’s fur and back into the tub.  So instead of wiggling the dryer around in circles and tousling the hair, work from the top of the body down, evenly and slowly wicking the water away.  These dryers are incredibly strong and effective, so take caution around your dog’s eyes and ears.  If the sound of the dryer is making your dog anxious, we can provide you with a soothing Happy Hoodie to help muffle the sound.

Now for a final act of shear perfection, turn to our groomers for an expert nail trim (no appointment necessary).

There, wasn't that easy? He's clean, he's dry and he smells amazing. Now grab some treats from the boutique for a job well done and head home, while we clean up the mess!


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