Really cool, really well made things for you and your pup!


The most wonderful time of the year is here! But let's face it, along with all of the joy and merriment comes gift giving ANXIETY. From family members to teachers to the pet sitter (yes, don't forget the pet sitter!), is it just us or does the list get longer every year?  Over the next few weeks, we'll offer some fun gift ideas for all personalities and price points. Today we start with a collection of items that make little gifts for the kids, teacher (we bet he or she has a dog!), your pet sitter or of course, your dog!  All under $10!

Breed Ornaments

Pick your breed or fill your tree with ALL of your favorite breeds!  These are shatterproof so when your pup’s tail inevitably swipes half of the ornaments to the ground, these will remain intact! $8.50


Dog Pen

Make office or school work fun again with these adorable, Doxie-inspired pens.  A perfect stocking stuffer! $5.00


Breed Car Coaster

Keep condensation in check and add a little doggie décor to your car's cup holder with a breed car coaster.  $6.95



All you need is love and a dog – we couldn’t agree more!  We love these as hostess gifts or for the pet sitter in your life. $6.50



Making "to do" lists is infinitely more enjoyable with a cute notepad!  Three to choose from, but our personal favorite is "this isn't what I ordered"! $5.00



Cute as a button mini, wool stockings for Santa to fill with canine or feline goodies. Do NOT tell us your furry friend doesn't have a stocking... $8.95

Cat Ear Hair Clips

For the little one who adores kittens! These kitty ear hair clips are crafted with pink and black felt with metallic gold stitching. $8.95


Pet Tags

Witty pet tags by Lucky Feather come with sayings like “May I Hump Your Leg Please” and “My IQ is Higher than Yours”. Give your dog some sterling silver bling and show off his personality! $8.95


No Hide Chicken Chews

The absolute best and only alternative to rawhide!  Our dogs go crazy for these and we love that they’re safe, long lasting and hide free! $5.95


Hello Sausage Doxie Cookie Cutter

Whip up some extra long cookies or dog treats with this adorable Dachshund cookie cutter. Every Doxie lover should have one of these in their kitchen collection! $6.50


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