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Dogs will take to the world’s biggest stage this week at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. They’ll be perfectly coiffed, perfectly stacked and perfectly styled. But hey, we don’t think you need Westminster creds to be fabulous! We checked in with two of our awesome groomers, Samantha and Amanda, for some show quality grooming tips you can do at home (or at the Dig’s Dog Wash)! Here’s what our seasoned pros had to say:

Their hands down favorite product: The Stuff

No kidding, that’s what it’s called. They use it in just about every groom they do. The leave-in conditioning treatment is awesome for removing tangles and leaving a luxuriously smooth, shiny coat. It also forms a unique barrier against dust, dirt and urine, keeping your pup cleaner, longer. We use it in all of our baths and sell it in the boutique for DIY-bathers.

For the never-ending shedding dog: Shed & Static Spray

Has dog hair taken over your house? If your end game is to reduce shedding and static, then Simple Shed and Static Spray by Espree is your go-to product. Formulated to reduce non-seasonal shedding, to eliminate static, and relieve dry skin itching, this stuff is liquid gold!

For spa-like indulgence: The Blueberry Facial

It’s exactly what it sounds like! An antioxidant-rich, blueberry-based facial treatment just for the pups! It provides an extra deep cleaning and brightening for the face. You’ll need to visit the Dog Wash for this one. Just ask for it as an “add on” to your self-serve wash or full-serve groom. And don’t worry, it’s tear-less and lick-safe!

When it comes to choosing the right tools for the job

When it comes to brushing, the right tool will make the process more enjoyable, more efficient and far faster for both of you. The sheer number and variety of brush options on the market can make your head spin, but our seasoned pros boiled it down to the basics:

Best universal tools - Grab yourself a slicker brush and a comb. Perfect for everyday grooming on any breed.

Best for long haired breeds – Pin Brush. Choose one with the rounded pins (they look like little balls on the ends of the bristles). They help separate the fur to detangle it, rather than pulling it. Let’s face it, dogs like having their hair pulled about as much as we do.

Best for short-haired breeds - Zoom Groom. The soft, rubber bristles are perfect for coaxing out that dead coat. Just rub it in a soft, circular motion. The friction and bristles will do the work. Bonus that this can be used on wet or dry fur.

For those pearly whites: Tropiclean Foam

What’s more glam than a beautiful smile? What’s more UN-glam than bad breath? Keep both in check with daily brushing. Our groomers’ go-to choice is Tropiclean Fresh Mint Foam. The foam is simply sprayed on (no water or brush needed) and goes to work against bad breath, gingivitis and plaque. Whatever dental product you choose (we have tons!), please don’t neglect his or her dental health. You brush your teeth twice a day and your pup’s choppers need the same!

For beautiful health from the inside out

No surprise that glamorous skin and coats start with good nutrition! Feed him or her the best you can and take advantage of the range of wonderful supplements now available. Samantha and Amanda are big proponents of coconut oil (heed guidelines on how much to mix in with food, please!). They love fish oils too, but coconut has one big advantage – no fishy smell!

One last tip from our experts, particularly as we dodge snowstorms this month! When your pup comes in from a romp in the snow, wipe him as dry as possible with a towel or hair dryer. This will go a long way towards preventing matting!

We hope you find these tips helpful! Every dog deserves a little pampering and EVERY dog is a show dog in our books!

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Robin Turro 19 Apr 10:35

Is that Benny getting the blueberry facial scrub?

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