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... And we're off!

We are headed to sunny Orlando for Global Pet Expo! This year, we're not only looking for the latest and greatest pet products available, we'll be exhibiting Hot Diggity Designs - our line of quality, unique pet products and accessories for people! 

Although the products have been available in our stores on Cape Cod for a couple years now, we are excited to have the opportunity to share the line with the rest of the world! We are releasing our new bandana designs at the show, but locals can get a sneak peek if you stop by Hot Diggity in...

Partners in Crime: The Bone Bandits

The Bone Bandits
Every Christmas season, for the past eight, Ashley and I try to figure out how many years she has been a part of the Hot Diggity team. We know for sure it’s eight, because we just counted back by all the different...