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Hey winter, we have a love/hate relationship with you. While we love a romp in the snow and snuggling by the fire with our humans, we resent what you do to beautiful coats. You strip us of our natural oils and dehydrate our once shiny fur. And we’ve come to know that our parents would much rather snuggle with us when we’re shiny and clean!

That’s right, your dog feels the effects of old man winter as much as you do. Have you noticed his skin getting flaky? His coat looking dull? Just like you slather moisturizer on all winter, your dog’s bod needs a little extra attention, too.  What he needs is a MUD BATH!  Not a roll in the mud gross experience, but a 5-Star add-on to a regular bath that will have you tempted to lather it on your own skin (it’s THAT silky smooth)!  The natural minerals of the mud are ideal for removing impurities, exfoliating the skin and coat, deep conditioning, rehydrating, and adding shine and gloss. And it smells amazing!

After bathing your pup in the self-serve tub, just ask our staff for a mud remedy. Massage the treatment into his skin and coat, gently opening the pores and exfoliating the skin. Let it sit for a good 5 minutes while the minerals seep into his body and you coo about how sweet he is.  If the mud starts to dry out, simply mist with a bit more water.  Then rinse, rinse, rinse and rinse again, until the water runs clear. You’ll be amazed at how soft, shiny and velvety smooth he feels once dry!  It’s hands down the BEST winter spa treatment for pups!


Dropping your dog for a full-serve groom?  Just ask the groomer to include the treatment.  Either way, mention this blog post at your appointment through the end of January (for a self-serve or a full groom) and your first treatment is on the house!

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